Sales of diamond knives, carbon double-sided tape, and other materials and equipment for electron microscope sample preparation


shopping_cartHow to order

Order flow

  1. After selecting the desired product, click Add to Cart on the product details page.
  2. Go to the cart page Check your order and click Proceed to checkout
  3. Please fill in the customer information and delivery address payment method according to the flow
  4. Finally, the order confirmation screen will be displayed. Confirm the details and click Finish.
  5. You will receive an order confirmation email (automatic shipping), so please check it.

<be careful>
If the address is incorrect, we will not be able to arrange shipping.
In particular, please check if there are any omissions in the address, apartment name, etc. after the municipality.

About consumption tax

All of us are tax-included prices。

paymentAbout payment

Payment method

  • You can choose from credit card payment, bank transfer, prepayment, cash on delivery
    ※Depending on the payment method, a separate fee will be charged. For details, please check the following.

【 Payment by credit card

  • ○Accepted credit cards


  • ○Number of payments

    One-time payment Revolving payment Installment payment
    ※Limited to cards in the name of the person
    ※If the card number expiration date is incorrect, we may not be able to accept your order, so please enter it correctly.
    ※Please note that credit cards issued outside Japan may not be accepted.

  • ○About the time of withdrawal

    Billing sales will be processed on the 6th of the order date.
    The withdrawal date is subject to each credit card agreement. For details, please contact your card company.

【 Payment by bank transfer prepayment

Transfer account

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation code 0009 Shinjuku branch store number 221
Ordinary deposit 4184070 Account name Nissin EM Co., Ltd.

※It will be delivered after confirming the transfer. If you are in a hurry, please choose credit card payment.
※In the case of bank transfer, the transfer deadline is one week.
Please note that orders placed after one week will be considered as canceled.
※Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.。

【 Payment by courier cash on delivery

Please pay to the courier driver when you receive the item.
The cash on delivery fee will be borne by the customer.

Payment amount 0 yen 9,999 yen 
Cash on delivery fee 330 yen
Payment amount 10,000 yen 29,999 yen
Cash on delivery fee 440 yen
Payment amount 30,000 yen 99,999 yen
Cash on delivery fee 660 yen
Payment amount 100,000 yen 300,000 yen
Cash on delivery fee 1,100 yen

※The above payment amount includes cash on delivery fee。

warningCancellation Returns and Exchanges

About returns and exchanges

Regarding returns due to customer's convenience
Except for chemicals, we accept returns of products for your convenience only if the following conditions are met.

  • Must be within 7 days of arrival
  • No scratches or stains on the product by the customer

Returns, exchanges, and non-cancellable items cannot be accepted even if they are returned unilaterally for the convenience of the customer without contacting us. Please note that we will refuse to receive the item upon arrival.

※The customer will be responsible for the shipping cost when returning the product.
※Free shipping COD fee If you return a free product, we will refund the amount after deducting the shipping COD fee to go.
※「We do not accept returns by cash on delivery, so please be sure to return by payment. In the unlikely event that you return by cash on delivery, we will refund the amount after deducting the shipping fee at the time of return.
※The bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

About defective product misdelivery

We pay close attention to shipping, but if you have any trouble that the item is different from the ordered item, it was damaged and defective, please contact us within 7 days including the arrival date of the item.
We accept returns or exchanges at our expense, and we will not be able to accept exchanges even if defective products are misdelivered if the following conditions are met.

(1) Items for which you did not contact us within 7 days after the item arrived

(2) Used or repaired products

(3) Products that have odors attached to customers or products or packaging that have been damaged, soiled, or scratched

(4) Product tag A product whose label has been removed or lost

(5) When the condition when the product box and accessories are returned to us is significantly different from the condition at the time of delivery.

(6) If the returned item cannot be confirmed within one week after sending the return guidance email from us.

About refund

In the case of bank prepaid cash on delivery, we will transfer it to the specified account within 7 business days after confirming the arrival of the returned item.
The refund method for credit card payment is the same as that of the card company.

Credit card cancellation

If the arrival date of the returned item or the cancellation date before shipping is after the 15th and last day of each month from the order date, the price will be deducted from your account once.
The withdrawn amount will be refunded or offset from the card company to your account on the next month's withdrawal date.
Please contact the card company directly for details.
※In some cases, the card will not be withdrawn due to the closing date of the card company.

Return contact

TEL: 03-3355-3001

Return address

160-0007 23-9 Araki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

personAbout membership registration

We recommend that you register as a member when ordering.

  • Registration is free No membership fees will be incurred.
  • It is possible to order products without registering.

About password email address

○Lost password change

You can reset it from the password reset page.
Enter your registered e-mail address and click the [Send] button. You will receive an e-mail that guides you through the reset procedure.

○About changing your email address

You can change it by registering / modifying the member after logging in as a member.

About my account

The following functions can be used by logging in as a member.

  • Check order history
  • Confirmation change of member information
  • Unsubscribed

local_shippingAbout shipping fee

about shipping cost

Customers who purchase over 3,300 yen (tax included) will receive free shipping nationwide.
※Customers with a total price of less than 3,300 yen (tax included) will be charged a separate shipping fee for the product price.

home delivery

Please note that the shipping fee varies depending on the area as follows

Hokkaido 1,100 yen
Aomori Prefecture 770 yen
Akita 770 yen
Iwate Prefecture 770 yen
Miyagi Prefecture 770 yen
Yamagata Prefecture 770 yen
Fukushima Prefecture 770 yen
Ibaraki Prefecture 770 yen
Tochigi Prefecture 770 yen
Gunma Prefecture 770 yen
Saitama 770 yen
Chiba prefecture 770 yen
Kanagawa Prefecture 770 yen
Tokyo 770 yen
Yamanashi Prefecture 770 yen
Niigata Prefecture 770 yen
Nagano Prefecture 770 yen
Shizuoka Prefecture 770 yen
Aichi prefecture 770 yen
Mie Prefecture 770 yen
Gifu Prefecture 770 yen
Toyama Prefecture 770 yen
Ishikawa Prefecture 770 yen
Fukui prefecture 770 yen
Osaka 770 yen
Kyoto 770 yen
Shiga Prefecture 770 yen
Nara Prefecture 770 yen
Wakayama Prefecture 770 yen
Hyogo prefecture 770 yen
Okayama Prefecture 770 yen
Hiroshima 770 yen
Yamaguchi Prefecture 770 yen
Tottori prefecture 770 yen
Shimane Prefecture 770 yen
Kagawa Prefecture 990 yen
Tokushima 990 yen
Ehime Prefecture 990 yen
Kochi Prefecture 990 yen
Fukuoka Prefecture 990 yen
Saga Prefecture 990 yen
Nagasaki Prefecture 990 yen
Kumamoto Prefecture 990 yen
Oita Prefecture 990 yen
Miyazaki prefecture 990 yen
Kagoshima prefecture 990 yen
Okinawa Prefecture 1,650 yen

Days to deliver

Order completed If you use bank transfer prepayment, it will be delivered in about 2 days and 5 days from the next day after payment is confirmed.
Please note that delivery may be delayed depending on the product.

After shipping, you can check the location of your parcel on the shipping company's website from the slip number included in the shipping notification email sent at the time of shipping.

※The arrival and shipping schedule is subject to change. In that case, we will contact you by email.
※Golden Week Silver Week Please note that delivery may be delayed due to other circumstances such as bad weather during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Timing of product shipment

Unless otherwise specified, it will usually be shipped within 2 business days.
In the case of bank transfer, we will ship within 2 business days after payment is confirmed.

About redelivery

Please note that items returned to us due to customer's convenience such as refusal of receipt or inadequate long-term absence address will be automatically canceled and redelivery will not be accepted.
Please note that we may restrict the use of the site if the product is returned multiple times due to refusal of receipt or long absence.
※Refusal of receipt In case of return due to customer's convenience such as long absence, please note that you will be charged a round-trip shipping fee.