Sales of diamond knives, carbon double-sided tape, and other materials and equipment for electron microscope sample preparation

Diamond knife stock status

・Last updated 2022.1.7

「〇In stock, low in stock, out of stock, in stock無し・取り寄せ中

In-stock items New replacement sales are available for immediate delivery能です。

・Re-polishing takes about 2 months after deposit regardless of the table below.す。Please contact us if you have any request for delivery date at the end of the fiscal year.

・It will be updated from time to time, but it may change without notice.でPlease contact us for the latest stock status and prices.


ultra 45° ultra 35°
Blade width stock Blade width stock
1.5mm 1.5mm ×
2.0mm 2.0mm
2.5mm 2.5mm
3.0mm × 3.0mm
3.5mm 3.5mm
4.0mm 4.0mm
cryo dry 35° cryo immuno 35°
Blade width stock Blade width stock
1.5mm 2.0mm
2.0mm × 3.0mm
2.5mm ultrasonic
3.0mm product stock
3.5mm Knife separately ×
4.0mm set ×
histo trim
Blade width stock type stock
4.0mm × 20°
6.0mm × 45 45°
8.0mm 90°
histo cryo dry ultratrim
Blade width stock Blade width stock
4.0mm × 3.0mm
6.0mm 4.0mm
8.0mm ×
histo jumbo
Blade width stock
8.0mm ×