Sales of diamond knives, carbon double-sided tape, and other materials and equipment for electron microscope sample preparation


Trade name Nissin EM Co., Ltd.
telephone number 03-3355-3001
Fax number 03-3353-2888
Capital 10 million yen
board member Representative Director Setsuo Maruta
employee 10 people
Founded March 20, 1957
address 23-9 Araki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0007
Business items Sales of materials and instruments for electron microscope sample preparation Sales of anatomy training room related products Sales of laboratory environment improvement products
Advisor patent attorney Kaoru Watanabe (Kaoru Kaze International Patent Office)
General Counsel Masaki Ohno (Yotsuya Town Law Office)
Advisor tax accountant Toshifumi Ikeda (Ikeda Tax Accounting Office)