Sales of diamond knives, carbon double-sided tape, and other materials and equipment for electron microscope sample preparation


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・VECO grid CuNiNi)

・EM Science Ruthenium Tetroxide

・LR White Resin Kit

・TAAB polyethylene capsule

・Razor for single-edged trimming

・Slide mailer

・SEM sample table φ1510 M4 concave type型


Section1 Electron microscope adjustment supplies
Section 2 Sample preparation supplies
Section 3 Reagent resin脂
Section 4 Fixed embedding dyeing equipment、機材
Section 5 Diamond knife trimming tool for slicing器具
Section 6 Instrument material for thin film deposition材料
Section7 SEM sample stand SEM equipment器材
Section8 Photo-related equipment Equipment具
Section 9 Non-biological sample preparation supplies Image processing softwareト