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Anatomy training related equipment備

Anatomy training equipment Equipment related environmental hygiene related equipment catalog (PDF)F)

This is a catalog of products related to anatomy training.。
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(Mask gloves protective glasses, etc.など)
(Anatomy training equipment, etc.)
(Formaldehyde exposure prevention measures product corpse storage, etc.ど)
Some products and prices have changed Please contact us for the current priceい。
Anatomy training equipment具
Thornless tweezers Hookless tweezers Ophthalmic tweezersット
Single-edged chisel Double-edged chisel Plate-shaped chisel T-shaped chisel字ノミ
Anatomical point blade sword dissection circular blade sword brain sword脳刀
Surgical Scissors Ophthalmology Scissors Bone Scissors Bone Scissors骨剪刃
Double saw plate saw bow saw bone forceps骨鉗子
Hammer Sonde Corpse Maclaクラ
Body treatment related
Anatomy training table
Anatomical processing device
Training table gas adsorption system
Stainless steel sink
Stainless steel lectern
Surgical light
Corpse storage related
Freezer 20 type Vertical type Horizontal type For 1 body For 2 bodies体用・2体用)
Refrigerator 515 type℃タイプ
There is also a refrigerated type for 10 lockers.ます。
Rapid antiseptic treatment equipment
Corpse transportation related
Simple lifter electric manual手動)
Stretcher for carry-in
Rye pack with zipperき)
Reagent hygiene products品
Pretreatment chemicals
Protective eyewear
Gloves Latex Nitrileリル)
Photocatalytic chemical substance adsorption elimination odor paint Eat Chicシック
It is effective as a countermeasure against volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde by painting on the wall surface of the anatomy training room, etc.。