Sales of diamond knives, carbon double-sided tape, and other materials and equipment for electron microscope sample preparation

Price revision information (implemented in May 2022) * Additional

Prices for some products will be revised from May 2022. Please refer to the price revision information from the general catalog page.

* April 7, 2022 VECO grid was added.

* The list has been changed to only products scheduled for price revision on April 4, 2022.

Product scheduled for price revision

・ VECO grid (Cu, Ni)

・ EM Science Ruthenium tetroxide

・ LR White Resin Kit

・ TAAB polyethylene capsule

・ Razor for single-edged trimming

・ Slide mailer

SEM sample table φ15 × 10 M4 concave type

* Please note that additional items may be added.