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Information on changing the contents of TAAB polyethylene capsules (change)

Until now, aluminum capsule racks have been attached to the following TAAB polyethylene capsules, but they will no longer be included in future imported products.

Therefore, as soon as the stock with capsule rack is exhausted, we will switch to the product without rack.


General Catalog P56 TAAB Polyethylene Capsule No.00 500 pieces

No.408 Conical type (English notation:CONE)

No.4082 Flat bottom type (English notation:FLAT)

No.4084 Pyramid type (English notation:PYRAMID)

* No.4081 No.3 (SMALL) is not applicable because it has already been discontinued.

Price (excluding consumption tax)

Currently with capsule rack Price ¥ 17,600 * Revised in April 2021

After change No capsule rack Price ¥ 16,000 * Same price as before revision

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by changes in product content and repeated price changes. Thank you for your understanding.

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* Changed on August 12, 2021

The flat-bottomed type and the pyramid type were once out of stock with capsule racks, but have been temporarily restocked.

As soon as the products with capsule racks are sold out, the products without capsule racks will be available in the future. Thank you for your understanding.