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Room temperature cured epoxy resin NER-814

Room temperature cured epoxy resin NER-814

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Embedding resin for embedding for SEM cross-section observation

・ Room temperature curing

The main agent and the curing agent are mixed at a ratio of about 3:1 and left at room temperature (23 ° C) for 48 hours or more to harden.

・ Small heat of polymerization

Since curing is slow, silicon capsules generate only about 1 ° C heat of polymerization.

It cures even in a short time (60 ° C, 5 hours). In that case, the heat of polymerization is about 10 ° C.

(When using Silicon Capsule No.0)

* There are two types of main agent depending on the hardness, so you can choose according to the sample and conditions.

* Has the same characteristics as conventional epoxy-embedded resin (good adhesive performance, less resin shrinkage).

* It can be used mainly for embedding and specimen preparation for SEM cross-section observation.

・ Mixing ratio (when making 10 ml) * Common to medium and hard

Main agent 8.23g:Hardener 2.7g

・ Curing conditions

All embedded capsules at room temperature (23 ° C) for at least 48 hours or at 60 ° C for 5 hours

* Degas if necessary after stirring.

·set content

Main agent (medium or hard) 500g 1 bottle

Hardener 200g 1 bottle

Applicable regulations

Fire Service Act:Dangerous Goods Class 4